Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sakura Pups Carving You With An Electric Chainsaw Carving = Going Green (Dramacore)

At the moment in Arizona residing Trevor Osborne is being musically an active man for a while. He has been part of numerous musical groups and projects as the likes of Homemade Abortion Kit, Famous Halos, Cyanide Theodicy, Tre [Too] Silent, Yung Slug, Megalodon,? Hred, Kids Talk Trash, The Attention Deficits, Myst of Despair, Silent Heroes.

Carving You With An Electric Chainsaw Carving = Going Green is the sophomore album of the 23-year-old American under the name Sakura Pups following to The New (est) Black issued on DEXANDTHECITY 2 years ago. Indeed, these two ones are official albums - in fact, the list of Sakura Pups unpublished albums is at least twice longer.

In fact, Osborne is an angry guy at that as well. The mills of Sakura Pups are grinding at full capacity - he mixes cybercore and grindcore, a metal and electronic scrap each other. Fast paced electronic beats at times acquire even the parameters of rave music. A metallic vocal is full of anger, sweat and madness sometimes expansing and acquiring sludge stench (Beaten By A Moth!, which in its own start reminds of one of Suede `s (?!) tracks from the album A New Morning). Indeed, there are some sophisticated overthrows. I do mean of those unusual elements being incorporated into this extreme concept - some piano clinks, a few spoken words here and there about getting some piquancy upon the main stream of a concept. However, notwithstanding this the tracks of having an average of circa 2 minutes, the album is diversed by frequent changiness in vocal manners and rhythms.

I am not able to think otherwise that for the followers of electronic extreme metal would have these 21 minutes as a cup of pleasant surprise for.

Download it from here