Monday, March 22, 2010

[Old but important] ART ABSCONs Spektral Magik (ParaLucid)

In my mind, `dark folk` (also, `neofolk`, `apocalypse folk`, `folk noir` as a genre has got to stay as one of the honest in its own. Ever since all of those acts, and some of them especially, which established the borders of the aforementioned styles approximately 20-30 years ago are intended to have stayed on the top level to date. Non/Boyd Rice, Death In June, Ataraxia, Current 93, Werkraum. Unlike black metal music, neofolkers have avoided to get devaluated, maintaining their severe, grim and often politically incorrect image. Indeed, for all of those people who have not had experiences with this sound yet should be get apprised that this music has nothing to do with ordinary folk music, except by the word`folk`.
Spectral Magik is the first and since the last release by a mystical German musician called Grandmaster Abscon ( by the way, who is supposed to use a mask). The album which consists of 7 tracks is probably one of the best - maybe even the most outstanding - I have found within this mysterious world since. Naturally, widely sprawling high arches as the obligatory element sketched by acoustic guitars and atmospheric synths are represented here. Besides that, the mysterious side as well. The first row of the lyrics will say much about it:

//Ich komm zürück aus fremden Welten/Seelen/von einsamen Hören/von verlassenen Tränen//

As confident and credible as by the side of its main elements it is also remarkable by its unusual digressions coming forth distinctly. For instance, Somnium III is fringed by the lightness of organic French estrada music. More specifically - there is no doubt anymore that the leitmotiv is loaned from the evergreenish Love is Blue which was popularized by Paul Mauriat and his orchestra. In true, the track does gradually evolve towards medieval music sentiments. Somnium IV is a stunningly synchronized one of relying on man-woman vocal lines sung in French. Obviously one of the most beautiful ones I have ever heard. Somnium V is getting approach to Einstuerzende Neubauten `s album Silence Is Sexy and its oeuvres recorded in German. Actually, a follow-up will move with Bargeld`s aesthetics arm-in-arm. The last track - as you even yourselves figured it out already - Somnium VII - descends to Gregorian-alike vowel experiments/ethereal sonic layers, neoclassical dark wave structures, impenetrable spoken word declarations.

A sort of mysterious universe. Comparable to the same degree, as the entire Spektral Magik is mystical in its vast goodness. The masterful act really worth for to be discovered by more music fans.

Download it from here