Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jacques de Villiers More Wind For Lonely Suburbs EP (2010, Jacques de Villiers)

The sophomore album of Jacques de Villiers, an ambient musician from Cape Town. More Wind For Lonely Suburbs is the fine follow-up to Sleepsongs, having embraced a drift between gorgeous harmonies and microtonal noise, reminiscent of Tim Hecker`s works 6-8 years ago. Compared it tightly to his previous work, the elements of drone and shoegaze are invisibly disappeared and the piano chords up to do carry over the room and the subtle undercurrents of borealic digital noise give a broad way to emotions to be opened and dilated. However, only 3 tracks are represented here: Oceanic Preamble, Written For You After You Left Us ning Wednesday, 18 July 1945 (A Perfect Winter's Day).

Download it from here