Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Warmth Hearth (Rack & Ruin)

A Warmth is Robby Massey, formerly known as dessktop, whose previous project could be considered like CocoRosie`s little brother - his truly primitivistic approach to pop conceptions which was partly based on folk, on electronics, on lo-fi, and on found sound aesthetics. To evoke new sounds the pans and pots were involved in action as well.

However, the new project will run the same traces the more and less way - through those 5 instrumental tracks presented here having based on a minor-key synth play, sporadic glockenspiel riffles, feedback choppiness on the background, even some orchestrations are melded into a whole one. Bulky melodies will start sometime, having some development and finally getting a more impressive outfit. Actually it all is concentrated on small details to have defined the release goodness. Even if Hearth don`t pretend to be your favoritest issue it is exciting enough to be listened again and again.

Download it from here