Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chappaquiddick Chappaquiddick (Noise Horror)

An excellent blending of art-punk, fusion, avant-garde, progressive rock, improvised music, and a bit of hardcore. The more I listen to this trio from Florida the more it might be it reminds me of a mix of Soft Machine and one of the members, Taylor Ross`s parallel project Witchporn, and his label mates The Moon Runners. By the way, avant-prog/experimental rock master Gianluca Missero aka Hox Vox from Venice gave me the solid feedback, saying that during his living in the northern part of the USA he had not chanced upon such a organically wrapped up ensemble, though, he was being well aware of similar acts (he signified this genre as "clean psychedelia eclectic mix-up"). At last I want to ask is it a new sign of the rise of new American underground music through tape labels?

Download it from here