Friday, August 27, 2010

Felipe Casey Cardona Casio Nightlife (Noise Horror)

Having a speak about Felipe Casey Cardona`s 4-track cassette single Casio Nightlife it is not realistic to ignore Ariel Pink`s low-tech doings in the middle of the 00`s being attracted so many attention and hence giving a launch to one developing musical scene, named as chillwave/glo-fi/stargaze nowadays, which relies on a blend of the roughness of the do-it-yourself aesthetics and dreaminess of the bedroom music. However, the situation is changed and the greatest of them (Ariel Pink, Devendra Banhart, Wavves) are being signed up by well-known labels, moreover, the aforementioned artists have managed to move on more toward the centre of pop music, though.

Cardona takes his path in a direct and downright way. Low-end synths and noir-alike vocal sequences with some sense of violet-y colorings are ready to be instantly thrown forward from the start to the end. The opening and self-titled track seems to be a tribute to the erotic music, the finishing one Subjective Paradoxical Argument is a deep inner space noir. Two tracks in between do conjure up naivistic synth chords and merely discernible distorted backcloth, by having the singing in English and in Spanish. Prevalently he does drift in a lucid and high spirited mood, yet, in the ending phase his conception is used to seem a little bit monotonous and equable. But he is a talented guy anyway.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Victory Park False Silence (Radio Hand)

The debut album from a trio coming from Moscow does reflect a quite similar effect to the likes of Franz Ferdinand and Interpol, however, their output imposes even more on its roughness. I have listened a lot to The Victory Park in the recent days, being still not tired of them. Their music is uncompromising, seemingly having no intention for somewhat calculation regarding objects of utility, also lacking the annoying hermetics proper often to the studio walls and the producers of kind of I-know-which-is-the right way-to-record. It is personal anxiety and pessimism, which encourages those musicians to struggle on with their fights. Obviously it is inspired by post-punk and proto-indie forerunners (Joy Division, The Cure, The Chameleons, Durutti Column) came about from the end of the 70s and early 80s. Infused with the verbal side sustained by the pessimistic philosophy of life, and obscure moods. Inspite of darksidedness the guitar chords are played up to the glare and dinstinct flash and overdriving riffs do conduct a trip sometimes even further, crossing the boundaries of post-punk, of coming to the territory of shoegaze music (a la Swervedriver); beyond of that there is given importance to the neurotic drums and some pinch of electronics with the purpose to get push up this desired and obligatory dark appealing. A worth album mentioned in by many bloggers from around the world.

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Fourteen Twentysix Lighttown Closure (Mine, All Mine!/Wise Owl/Bandcamp)

Expanded from the Songs From To Forget EP, being released 2 years ago, Chris van der Linden`s conception has acquired more grandeur deliveries. Indeed, Fourteen Twentysix is a bombastic giant which size is really intanglible and unfound over the first listenings, which, in fact, might be a sign of good music. The diversity of guitar patterns wrapped up by dark-sided electronic timbres and rhythms, and cello orchestrations at times, will be culminating in the last track Lashes, having progressed into the epic chaos of the rolling and swirling stringent instruments. Some natural sounds here and there around and in early days recorded live drums somewhere in the shed by the countryside do add organic and vitalic feeling to the release. By Linden`s velvety timbre with it comes quite close to the music of such crafty pop luminaries like David Sylvian and Mark Hollis, which comparison, though, is the plaudit by all odds. Lighttown Closure is a fine example of the bombastic yet deep issue, without being leaned on by empty gestures.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Okinawa Lifestyle - Lazy Friend You Move So Fast EP (haaa00a00a0a/Bandcamp)

Having reviewed their previous release Naha I expressed strong hope of mine that the melomans all around the world would get a lot of issues from this crafty Tbilisian duo in the future again and again. Their sonic alchemistry is a good example of balancing between magical harmonies and edge-y strobo rhythms around.

However, a new EP does continue walking on in the steps of the previous album. All of those funky electro strokes and through the filters of club music roving electronic pop tunes are previously blended intensively with exhilarating chillwave/glo-fi aesthetics, for instance, being as close to The Neon Indians for instance, as they have never done it before. This music can seriously be described as contemporary indie dance, or even post-house sometimes.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Kämmerer Rhodes to Wisdom (Jamendo)

Rhodes to Wisdom is the sophomore album of Kämmerer, a musician from Gothenburg, Sweden. In fact, he is earlier used to get involved in other acts as well (Cliffhanger; GroovydracuLinda; Alphadog). Sir Agent Chill was his debut release, which was issued approximately 3 months ago under Jamendo, was played on exhilarating atmospheric and caustic synth lines, having an assuasive effect, being describable as "chillout" or "lounge".

The recent album within 40 minutes and 10 tracks have entrenched deeper into the Black music tradition showing up the undercurrents of funk, rhythm and blues, and soul vibe as much as it is possible to talk of introducing of new directions. By a technical side, shimmering acid synth sequences are sit in for the velvet-alike sounds of the Rhodes (electric piano). However, Rhodes to Wisdom is a modern record, chatting up with club dance rhythms, eventually reminiscent of nu jazz/acid jazz, and downtempo tunes.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

W Physalis EP (Elpa)

The choice of anonymity is an ethical statement, actually. Indeed, especially in the recent reality show era, when the purpose of the TV is to offer dull stripped-down plays and the chance to get some cheap fame to the manipulated ones and thereby humiliating a person`s humanness in a broader sense as well.

However, I was looking for the artist background called W, though, getting no word at his/her Myspace or on the Elpa label page. I even thought to get contact with the musician, but I found this idea unneccessary at the last moment, yet. Have there been any other musician, whose identity, being revealed, thus became better? This is the case of pseudo-problem actually. Let´s music to speak.

In fact, a four-track EP, issued under the Latvian label Elpa, says much more than some stilistically similar, though 2-3 times longer releases. This item does dwell on the examples of ambient, downtempo, IDM, broadening sometimes into the shadows of Kosmische Musik and New Age on here. Besides, there is also an example, which is densely dominated by digital sound processing - indeed, the ending track épiphyte seems sound like the perfection on behalf of glitch-y sonic ruins. In any case, the main emphasis is built up on the organic tonality of synthesizers, although those tend to move through various patterns and shades, reminding by its effects of such electronic artists like Lackluster, Myrakaru, Younnat, and Electricwest. More exactly, pulsating electronic keyboards, occasional vocal bits, and even some jitter of pop/rock shot (the title song), and sharp sonic tissue at times do make sense.

An intriguing, emotionally awakening whole, which synth-based music (of obviously influenced by the 70`s) meets intellectual techno ideology of the last two decade.

Download it from here