Saturday, August 22, 2009

Humberto Luis Schenone Human Tracks II/Heq (Clinical Archives)

In retrospect, we can just avow Human Tracks II/Heq was actually the second album released by an Argentinian musician-pecussionist Humberto Luis Schenone under Clinical Archives in this year.

On the site of Clinical Archives it is said the following:

“Human Tracks” is the name for a collection of musical works which has the intention of reflecting the history of the human journey from an alternative point of view.
“Heq” is an unforgettable and wonderful novel written by a remarkably good Danish writer called Jørn Riel which was the inspiration for this album, to whom it is dedicated as a little tribute, for the hours of pleasure his literature has generously given to the world.

The opening track Ancestors begins with tribal shamanic voices to get developed into easy orchestrated and subtle passages. It sounds like the members of Penguin Cafe Orchestra are searching the way out of the forest while adjusting to the patterns of it just in a case. These drum lines are not program-based electronic urban jungles though. The following The New Land whirls around looped vocal experiments and the sounds very reminiscent of glass harmonica. In fact, all the following tracks are based on these weird sounding instruments, running through its various phrases in different orders of succession. You can`t be wrong it you call it an album of minimal music.

I could only imagine is it a kind of music inspired mostly of the plateaus of Patagonia, of its hollow soundscapes, of cold winds and deep lakes? My feeling about this closeness to Nature herein is dredged by bird calls set in in some songs. This sound is raised aloft, being sublime, calm and soothing. Sometimes sonic milieu is very threnodial as well (Shanuq). If you are searching for the examples of untemporary music by any reason of all of this you want to you could dig it up from here.

On this album are joined a lot of different aspects with each other into unfixed rows in general intent. In fact, specific rows will be generated in the head of every listener. Yes, if this is chill-out music it is seriously in an abstract way.

Download it from here