Thursday, July 30, 2009

Andy`s Airport Of Love Actually I Am Sasha Fierce (Rack & Ruin)

I know a lot of people who have said they don`t like The Jesus And Mary Chain, and others who do. Which way should we use to embrace the truth? It is quite naive to think that having personal sympathy or not give us some crucial argument to understand the impact of the brothers Reid. Their ability to create noisy rock and to adjust songs onto the 2-minute mark gave their activity a historical dimension. Their approach could come to be seen as one of the preeminent benchmarks by inserting the new indie pop model or strengthen it at least. Indeed, their influence has nowhere been lost nowadays. Maybe the best known reverence towards the Scottish legends was made on the album Distortion by Magnetic Fields released at the start of 2008. Apropos of something, it would be probably unneccesary to add such names as The Ravoenettes, Sereena Maneesh, and The Procedure Club drawing upon them. However, those named groups have been new conquerors in contemporary indie rock showcasing us how to add intriguing elements to noise rock embodiment.

Also, partly in the wake of fuzzy and loud sound oriented alternative rock have came out Andy`s Airport Of Love. Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, they are a duo, namely Andy and Alyssa (she is also one part of NunParty). On their first release Ballad Of The Aleutian Sea Otter EP (2008) the equilibrium between silence and noise had been sought. Very short tracks on those couldn´t able to convey full potential of song crafting hidden in their bones. There were some eminent tracks – Slowdive-alike blissful The Sonoran Desert I s Your Favorite Desert In North America, and the title song.

What is this essential difference between the previous and new albums? At first, the songs available on the Actually, I Am Sasha Fierce are two times longer, and the ideas are more channelized toward the concept of noise rock, and harmonies are more elaborately delineated. The average soundscape has evolved into the broader one, partially thanks to the vocal elements pushed evidently backwards, or have I myself such a consequence as if this coming out from the bottom of someone`s silver sounding throat. Also, this album is originally recorded onto a tape, so everyone can hear the sound of heavy tape hiss seeping into song textures, thereby fuzzing the lines between layers stacked on each other, and a guitar sound has been adjusted on “cellophane” timbre. Cicada Sounds is the track with the sounds of harsh hiss and field recordings. Duquesne Incline, Red Panda, and especially Childhood Friend of William Morris are the heydays of album, referred to the catchy pop song structures. Yeah, all those beautiful guitar janglings would have been involved in all the time. The album as the one whole could sound even perfect if there were less rigidity and more variability in the other tracks too. It would be interesting to know how could some knotty sounds have affected musical characteristics additionally. Nevertheless, the album full of monotone guitar lines is still quite charming.

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