Monday, October 19, 2009

Chad Golda (CHAD GOLDA`S ALBUM) (Rack & Ruin)

Do you know who is Chad Golda? If you do have no conscious of such a trio called starstarstar (previously also known as ringostar, and ***) as well, it is a bit forgiveable indeed. Anyway, Chad Golda is undoubtedly one of the recent geniuses. His debut solo album do argue into it. 7-8 years ago Animal Collective demonstrated us how it is possible to crossover post-psychedelic electronic music with (alt-) folk tunes. Paavoharju has developed this conception to the perfect state on the album Laulu Laakson Kukista (2008). Also starstarstar provided us an idiosyncratic and powerful version on the album Electric Goose and The Nylon Moose (2009). On solo album Chad Golda has forsaken acoustic guitars and vocal tunes, having emphasized mainly the electronic conception (he has himself described it as an "electronic inspired sound medium"). Yet, there are some exceptions - in the last track (original 11) you can hear how would sound weird folk/psych-folk at its best. Track 9 (original 9) do begin amidst low-sounding bass sounds and snare-hats` panoramic sounds, anyway, in the last third acoustic guitars and sound effects will be added amidst them too. Thick analogue bass incantation and pulsating topic sequences will push the album onward. Although a stihic milieu is impressive, it is hard not to see certain structureness behind it. For example, the tracks original 3, and original 8 - besides on-the-cusp running programmed bass steps there also bubble over with cosmic undercurrents and exquisitely drilling-in rustic electronic massives. This album sounds like starstarstar would be produced by Mika Vainio-Ilpo Väisänen. Or on the other way, it sounds like Sucide if Suicide would have sounded some degrees harsher than they usually used to be. Though, in comparison with Pan Sonic`s rigid borealic permafrost Chad Golda is having a bit softer soundscape, so you can even see some colours drifting amidst soundscape in a while. Yet, all those colours appeared there will soon have faded out of existence, fusing into chaotic overlay. Very impressive manifesto. One of the best albums of 2009 has yet to offer.

Download it from here