Friday, June 11, 2010

Hox Vox Mjöllnir (Jamendo)

45-year old Gianluca Missero have reached its sixth album yet. More exactly, `Mjöllnir` means Thor `s hammer, and all the songs, except one, bear the names of the gods of the Vikings. At the peak of the last year was released curious club beat-driven Hurry Up Harry - Part 1 which in spite of all promises have yet not found a sequel - instead of it the Venetian is generally back to his old habits, exploring and discovering new angles of avant-garde and progressive rock. As he himself has pointed it out his purpose is to melt together sacre and profane. Therefore, Missero as a great creator has much aspects to add to his diverse yet excellent discography. The Italian does open some burning doors being never opened before. On the other hand, it shouldn`t be surprising at all, because Mjöllnir is titled as `zeuhl`. Indeed, in the conceptual heart of the album there are brittle bass undercurrents, scratchy guitars, the drum cascades by rote, enough interesting entries into symphonies, theatrically obscure keyboards, and classically overwhelmed mannerisms. Chaos and order - on and off, and softness and roughness do change its places as well. Even the pomp elements are used to have influence on you to get your hands up. Crafty, decorous, enjoyable, and consistent. Unquestionably one of the best publications from the RIO/avant-prog field altogether I have had the honour to know.

Download it from here