Thursday, June 10, 2010

Least Carpet Least Carpet (Dying For Bad Music/Bandcamp)

Marko Martini aka Least Carpet `s debut album has epithets such as `psychedelic` and `experimental`. Indeed, it`s expressively psychedelic, and in this regard the magic of his music has already been attributed to some sort of mushrooms and weed. However, it is unlikely that the necessity arises at all, so far as this kind of music for the projection is not needed to show up by decisive pictures or fictions. Although being a conception of the folk, it is quite far from the well-known folk tradition. The German man`s concept is instrumental not being subordinated to any statements or visions. Just expandingly streaming sounds, the harmonies in movement, non-traditional instrumentation (a bouzuki, a melodica, flutes, guitars, cymbals, a Jew`s harp). Certainly, Least Carpet neither does deliver the extravagancy or ecstasy of freak folk, nor it is the part of the Eastern and Central European traditional music movements - as opposed to what is being mentioned in their home label website, except for Old Wedding Song, which treats the Hungarian folk music with some rhythmic influences from the Balkan Peninsula. The experimental side is primarily reflected through growings from harmonies into long droning keys, and skilful using of guitar and its effects within ethnic instrumentals. All of those who are being familiar with the Children Of The Drone (and its adjacent projects), and Six Organs Of Admittance, however, it will constantly be telling you of belonging intrinsically to the Indian music tradition. And the parallels can also be drawn with Charalambides` dragging psych lines. In most cases, very beautiful, it is like the opening of a lotus flower (A Narrow Path (Part II); Leaving) ). I am being remembered it is already the another great album in the vein of experimental folk from Germany in few months (after gillicuddy The yaouhl! Mashups).

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