Saturday, September 4, 2010

Nodding by The Fire Nodding by The Fire EP (Bandcamp)

Nodding by The Fire is a Spanish trio comprising of Javier Ordàs (guitar), Carlos Puente (bass, guitar, Casiotone, flute, harmonica), and Jacob Gonzalez (percussion) does offer a delicious set of 10 tracks. Their music is instrumental without exception, which presents itself as a blend of alt-folk and springing melancholic and sentimental mood music. The album starts as intro for Short Fanfare, which runs on as the gales of psychedelic folk of the 1960s. On the other hand, El Monte swirls around a fantastic assemblage consisting of brass, mandolin, and harmonica accompaniment (however, who is able to achieve such a pilotage, deserves much recognition in any case), and Summer in the Air which is a joyful example of happy-go-lucky whistling. Guitar arpeggios and mandolins around here are to keep continue weaving shroud of progression, where inbetween you can find some fragments of mariachi (guitar) tunes as well. Besides figuring out that the harmonica is a sexy instrument, you can perceive more clearly that the intentionality of this release is directed toward seductive moodiness. Very solid, consistent, and captivating indeed.

Download it from here