Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Goner Bitemarks EP (DFBM/Bandcamp)

The Goner, a five-piece collective from Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, has released 3 albums (Halartrallar; Hind Hand; Haven) in the recent years. Bitemarks is the first EP seen the sunlight by them. Psychedelia, improvisation, gothic/noir, drone and the approach of minimalism are here to be blended into a organic universe via folk music algorithms. Again, neofolk/dark folk, the output of traditionally sounding folk, and some psychedelic milieus are around here to come finishing it off in the joint area and to stand at each one`s side. The middle age, past and today will be wrapped in one restricted conception. The violin parts - which are played as a collaboration act by Emma Wahlgren, and much praised by the band itself -, organ passages getting more massive step by step, clearly articulated guitar chords, and the last two minutes at Oakmulgee Creek, the ending track, are filled in by the found sounds/natural sounds. To get a example of the relatives hereof, I cant`t go around without to mention Espers and Anahita (strong medieval music tendencies), Six Organs Of Admittance (epic progressive tendencies), Death In June (airy dark-sounding viscosity). Congratulations for the suggestively impressive coverprint as well.

Download it from here