Saturday, August 8, 2009

Vanny Zero Love Is A Serial Killer (Kill Mommy Records)

How to give the adequate definition to the starting point of punk music? What kind of assessment we could ascribe to it? I would be disappointed if I recognized it for myself only as a business project of Malcolm McLaren. Sex Pistols was the embodiment of this project, and they are previously remained as the prevailing part of collective consciousness of punk nowadays. In reality punk had developed into better directions. There were some groups who had artistically rebelled at the highest level – Clash, Public Image Limited, The Fall, Swell Maps. Punk is previously remained as one of the most acknowledged hype movements over decades. No doubt, nowadays it is the symbol of rebel and fatuity as well. I have heard how the punks come together in one European city at mid-day to go together shopping all this punk stuff. Ironic and symbolic simultaneously, isn`t it.

In last years I have good memories with the music coming out from Sicily. The sound which holds up the spirit of the music of Creative Commons (in a sense it is very rebellious attitude toward the music business). fracoz combo, msk, The Last Merendina, Barbagallo and Vanny Zero are some decorous names amongst others. Vanny Zero is Giovanni Calvo who runs the Kill Mommy Records, entirely dedicated to homemade music. He is also known as Darth Zero, the “zombitpop” project, which obviously has a flirt with acid and electronic pop, slightly keen on the punk music, and TV Zombie. He is also working on the first album of Lightgreen Blues Connection at the moment. He has also involved in the line-up of such projects like Marx Basement Band and Caputo Bros.

Love Is A Serial Killer is a combination of different influences. The open track (title-track as well) attacks with a mix of rough rockabilly and blues rock. Anyway, it presides over directions coming visible during this album. Probably this music is recorded without any plug-in details. Indeed, it sounds like a live recording. Through feedback-created noise it has been given another essentiality besides all possible combinations of blues and punk rock. A guitar, a bass, voice, drums are impinging on tempo. All the shouting tracks are supposed to be the powerful dynamic tunes from start to the end. Actually this is the music which needs no many words to be described. There are some exceptions which differentiate from the other tracks and reach the top of greatness. Killin` Myself Today is an amazing track where blues is crossovered with moderate psychobilly, and it`s all thanks to Calvo`s dreamy and playful voice. The finishing track No Tomorrow gives him the next opportunity to showcase his good timbreful and wide-range voice once again.

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