Friday, August 14, 2009

If There Is Something Put Your Jacket On (23 Seconds)

I love dance-vibed rock music. I think everyone who has involved in searching and listening of indie music in an obsessive way just can`t ignore it. Though all this stuff is surrounded by massive hype nowadays there are some acts quite symphatetic for me. The Rapture, LCD Soundsystem and !!! are among others. Although I am probably one of the fewest who despise the biggest - The Klaxons – the music with cheap melodies and reminiscent of demo-like production in bad sense. However, most dance rock I adore comes from 80s and the beginning of 90s – A Certain Ratio, PIL, Happy Mondays, Flowered Up. There is nothing surprising at all – all these names are the widely known ones. At those times have been made rock music keen more or less on rave and acid house anyway. Beside madchester it was time reserved for exciting crossovers as well – The Heart Throbs (the aesthetic of blonde hair indie rock was blended with dance beats and the presence of David Lynch-ian esoterics), also The Orchids and Field Mice (twee-popsters went on a trip into baggy areas at times). We can`t be without The Fall as well though I don`t share Mark E Smith`s attitude as if The Fall were the only band worth giving a try to honour them as the supreme godfathers of all alternative rockers (including dance-rockers too). Moreover, in the sound of The Fall can be heard the obvious inluences of CAN. For example, Soon Over Babaluma (1974), one of the albums of Cologne quartet, was chronologically one of the first rock/dance hybrids in the first place. Besides it would also weird to think that in a case of recent bands and musicians their would be influenced by the examples of one-two bands only.

Duo Jesper Norda & Åbi Berglund has issued their debut album under the Gothenburgian netlabel 23 Seconds. The label site proclaims that Put Your Jacket On is a true revelation. The opening track Joy Of showcases its true potential – by dazzling through the light of glitterball a journey just began. The essence of this track is specifically hidden into overdriving synth violins in refrain part. The aim of this 33 minute set demonstrates chiefly one very certain tendency – the album is a blending of 80`s and 00`s – post-punkers` monotonic drum-machine sounds and New Order-alike acid bass sequences alongside with fortrightness and electro affinity of the neoravers. These examples are illustrated by the most hit potentiality owning track Danger. I wouldn´t really be wondered about that if some listeners who haven`t immersed into this album would ask on the basis of such tracks as We Sure Aint Got It Like That, and The Word Most Common In is that any of the newest unreleased tracks compilations by The Cure? A little nostalgic stroke is never bad at all, isn`t it. No doubts, the boys are full of potential and I wouldn´t really be surprised if they would be soon as the bigshots on the groove rock/pop music scene worldwide. One of the best albums on that nichè I have had honour to listen to.

Download it from here