Sunday, August 16, 2009

[Old but important] Nogaro Domestic Colours EP (Tripostal)

Nogaro is a one-man-project of a Belgian musician Sèbastien Wilkin who is particularly known by his previous project Tongue. He has also involved as the lead singer and composer in the doings of Silicon (alongside with David Hougardy).

Domestic Colours
EP was released under Tripostal, Carte Postale Records netlabel subdivision. The music coming from that source is usually ranging from electro-acoustic compositions and ambient to post-rock and indietronica. The latest mentioned genre is well enough to characterize Wilkin`s sound in a general way. Doubtless he is a very talented musician who has a sensitive side of him to operate with appealing melodies.

The coverprint made by Jean-François Flamey consists only of different colour spectrums. It is a very felicitous locution for this album, to be visually described. It is simplistic, and schizophrenic as well. This is modern pop in the information era during which the borders have been burnt between underground and mainstream music to ashes. Winamp-player do display me some information - 7 tracks and 28.52. There do not have any long tracks to listen to. One track is followed by another in a jaunty row. Just be ready to get drowned by the beautiful music. The opening track My Head On Fire is a blend of electro-bleeps with a balmy vocal. It is a calm, moving arrangement running from the point A to B. Upon it melodic sequences will have been revealed as infectious at its best. The music has the logic of a gradual increase through lush song structures, a bit developments in sound dynamics, and changes of voice timbres. It is really restrained music - if there are any of sound experiments it is vaguely discernable yet.

Listening to this album it is a little bit nostalgic for me. It reminds me of the times when I was listening to the second and still excellent album Cafè De Flor (1996) by Estonian band Bizarre nearly every day 10 years ago. Indie music seemed so refreshing at those times... Domestic Colours provides me with the feeling of deja vu, and it is wonderful to be experienced it again and again.

Download it from here