Friday, August 27, 2010

Felipe Casey Cardona Casio Nightlife (Noise Horror)

Having a speak about Felipe Casey Cardona`s 4-track cassette single Casio Nightlife it is not realistic to ignore Ariel Pink`s low-tech doings in the middle of the 00`s being attracted so many attention and hence giving a launch to one developing musical scene, named as chillwave/glo-fi/stargaze nowadays, which relies on a blend of the roughness of the do-it-yourself aesthetics and dreaminess of the bedroom music. However, the situation is changed and the greatest of them (Ariel Pink, Devendra Banhart, Wavves) are being signed up by well-known labels, moreover, the aforementioned artists have managed to move on more toward the centre of pop music, though.

Cardona takes his path in a direct and downright way. Low-end synths and noir-alike vocal sequences with some sense of violet-y colorings are ready to be instantly thrown forward from the start to the end. The opening and self-titled track seems to be a tribute to the erotic music, the finishing one Subjective Paradoxical Argument is a deep inner space noir. Two tracks in between do conjure up naivistic synth chords and merely discernible distorted backcloth, by having the singing in English and in Spanish. Prevalently he does drift in a lucid and high spirited mood, yet, in the ending phase his conception is used to seem a little bit monotonous and equable. But he is a talented guy anyway.

Download it from here