Sunday, September 6, 2009

Eluder Drift (Archaic Horizon)

How would actually sound the music imaging the creation of the world?

Patrick Benolkin, a resident from Les Bois, Idaho, should not be an unknown name for the fans of experimental electronic music. Besides Eluder he is also known as Electricwest, balancing more on the blurred frontiers of ambient techno and downtempo. On the other side, the sound of Eluder is much more keen on minimalist and conceptual approach repulsing consistently the vibe of dance music. This music is designed not to be part of our body but to extend to the borders of listeners`sensibility. Its abstract patterns have very practical purpose as well, affecting the physiochemical processes in the brain. Less is more...less is much more. Stilistically as minimal ambient, abstract electronic music, dreamscape, or subtle soundfields, however, in the way as you wish to name it. This music is in kinship with the sound of such luminaries as Tim Hecker, Rutger Zuydervelt/Machinefabriek, Jim Plotkin, Janek Schaefer, or Stephan Mathieu.

Eluder`s first albums were named Warm Warning (it was re-released under Distant Recordings in the beginning of this year), and The Most Beautiful Blue (under Infraction). Drift is one of the best albums I have heard in 2009. 4 tracks in 30 minutes. The formula of ideal ambient music is hidden hither - all the synergy being here is emerged from the least minimal sounds and crafthanded displacement of those parts through sound manipulation. If to search for so-called ur-drone, or archaic horizons as well, you could find it from this album. Although pulsating drones are quite intense on Drift it is hardly discernible at most times. A demonstrated drifting would be illustrating the change of the world throughout billions of years at the light speed. You are not able to perceive it because motion is the premiss of that change. The merest change moments are set in through motion which, in turn, will be recorded into consciousness of a person, and thereby possible clairvoyance of speed will be erased in that course. The change will have transformed into a static state of mind. Indeed, it would sound a bit conflicting but the contradiction will be overcame by divine touch. This half-hour would be the soundtrack of your life what you want to exprience again and again.

Download it from here