Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Osoroshisha Nanimo Nai Wakusei (Petcord)

Kasei, Dosei, Kinsei, Suisei. Mars, Saturn, Venus, and Mercury respectively. 4 empty planets in the Sun`s planetary system. What references do these 4 tracks/planets have? What does it mean the humanity in music at all? Indeed, this music is created by a human being, Tim Salden, and at first glance he seems searching for the balance between mind and spirit. By conception it is partly similar to the Kraftwerk`s one whose desire for the robots was quite ironic, and thereby human as well. On the other hand, self-sufficient robots will have to had no duties toward the people. You have to banish yourself to defend yourself and have a chance to find out your pathway towards certain directions. In fact, on the album Nanimo Nai Wakusei is no place for electro pop and ironic statements anymore. It apotheosizes the solitude as the asylum for mind to get rid itself of the degenerated phenomena of spirit possession. The music shows the human being with his loneliness, while it is very impressive and powerful state of mind anyway, and beams the light rather than devastates your personality.

This music bases on drone and ambient passages which at times are interrupted by change in intensivity, usually by shimmering and expandible synth sounds. Through its minimal approach it is much more closer to the eternity as you could experience during a journey through outer space than the apparency and inconstancy presented on the Earth. Every once in a while this sound seems like the blurred light flowing from distant stars evoking quaint visons you have never experienced before. The more to listen to this album the more it will sound dreamlike, as the ambient music you don`t have luck to meet it any day. An amazing result indeed.

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