Friday, September 11, 2009

Thuoom sun resonate my summer (textural healing)

The attitude of the finnougrians toward the forest as such one have always disposed to positive spirit. It was the natural and affable ambience for living embodying no such an object which would have to be eliminated, or changed into the parks, for instance. Thereby it is not surprising why beautiful forest massives still exist in the Nothern West Europe area. Also, I am not surprised at all that the finns do name their underground folk movement as "forest folk" as well. On the other side, the forest is something which will hide something for, and "folk" will get defined in an implicit sense of this word. Forest folk is usually both a mix of psychedelic electronic and post-psychedelic electronic music, drone, ambient/illbient, noise and lo-fi, and folk as well. Therefore we should regard "folk" rather in an abstract way herein.

One of such artists, Tuomo aka Thuoom classifies himself as "forestelektro". All his music, 5 albums issued from 2008 to 2009, approximately in a year, had been released under the textural healing netlabel. In 2009 he has created two albums: sun resonate my summer, and its sister album summer B.

The debut album [cycles of the sleep] consists of the sounds reminiscent of such examples as if conjured from the child music instruments, and circulating sound systems so-called circuit bending. This album is fulfilled with really weird compositions which sound relatively complex to be described to. Nevertheless, besides the aforementioned delineations there are also showcased electro-acoustic sequences, and vowel improvisations as well.

The second album Aava (which in Finnish means "open sea" or "spacious") is that which actually was released under the extended pseudonym Thuuooom, having related to the first album because this sound based on a remix of Thuoom track sci. The abovementioned meanings are reflected in a diffuse yet pulsating soundscape. The sound will get dilated and constringed in the cycle respectively, while having appeared without any human feelings at all. Abstract drone will conquer your mind.

Sun resonate my summer is a follow-up to EI EP which did consist only of human voice, and its experiments with two phonemic units. Although in the embodiment of such tracks as rubicon delayed, 3000, and grilf the new album might be seemed as a followed up continuation of the previous one, there are actually much more to be enjoyed for. The intensivity and powerfulness ever so demonstrative of the drone lines on Aava will have revealed in the course of smooth reversi. The opening track 6star will have progressed from the introduction by a guitar into digital waft. Psych-folk will get poisoned by impalpable electronic jitter. Anyway, the words are not good enough to deliver a row of unexpected pleasures happened here. Sometimes it is just better stop playing with the words and concentrate on music listening. Moreover, at the moment it seems to me as the most virtuous and trenchant album released by Tuomo hitherto. By the way, Tuomo`s starting point was to create something musically that he never had tried before, mixing real sounds with computer manipulations. He just started recording some sounds and didn't know where they would lead him. All I want to believe is that he didn`t have reached his aesthetical peak yet. But I really hope that there is someone somewhere for whom it is the best project in the world. Thuoom is worth more than enough to deserve it.

Download it from here