Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Juanitos Best of (Jamendo)

Exotica, and Best of, the albums of Juanitos, are probably the best ones I have listened to after Air`s first two albums Moon Safari and Premiers Symptomes came from the French music scene.

Juan Naveira`s led ensemble have been active since 1991 and issued approximately 10 albums, including under the pseudonyms such as limbo deluxe, and Miss Emma as well.

Characterizing the sound of Juanitos, it is excellent mood music in the first place, consisting in general way of surf rock, exotica pop/and lounge, latin rhythms, indie, brass sound, and all the named styles are mixed with a tidy amount of the tongue-in-cheek attitudes. Searching for kinship souls in the present day I could name such bands as Man...Or Astroman, Messer Chups/Messer Für Frau Müller, and Manu Chao, for instance.

Best of features the tracks from 3 albums - Soul&Roots Vol. 1, Soul&Roots Vol. 2, and Crazy Vibrations. Although sonic illustrations from most of their albums are not presented here the compilation is worth to listen to. It contains a lot of fantastic even stunning tunes. The opening track Sai-k-delic Party is an enchanting track because of its powerful rocking electronic organs and a short repeating theme, falling into head-on psychedelia sometime. Anyway, upbeat will have created mainly by psychedelic keyboard sounds and brass attacks throughout the album. Glitter Bomb surprises by its unusuality - rockabilly meets brass music meets Mark E Smith-alike manifestating vocal manerism (the same is presented in the track Strange Italian Song on Exotica). Do the Cobra is a blend of mariachi trills including fantastic brass arrangements in the refrain. Supernatural showcases us how modern funk soul with a bit hip-hop elements will be burrowed by psychedelic undercurrents wrapped up in a mixture of modern urban pop and tropicalia pop/rock of the 60s. The last track Stereophonic Motor Club excels in hitting with surf riffs, and a marvellous slipping bass line. Honestly, if I would have a chance to materialize into the music I would be very pleased with to be this one.

Download it from here