Sunday, September 13, 2009

Max Tannone/Beastie Boys Doublecheck Your Head (Max Tannone)

Recently, 2 weeks ago, I got an unexpected but pleasant e-mail letter from Max Tannone (formerly known as Fresh Minty Beats) about his new project. He is an DJ and music producer from Big Apple who has got much feedback and lots of listening times through his 2 mashup albums Jaydiohead :: Jay-Z x Radiohead, and Jaydiohead - The Encore (both albums of 2009).

The current project is made in support of the Beastie Boys recent reissue of their Check Your Head album. The concept is that the Beastie Boys are mashed up with themselves, rapping over tracks sampling their own instrumentals, with all vocals and sampled elements coming from Check Your Head. Sequences from the popular hits So Whatcha Want, and Pass the Mic are also presented here. By methodical aspect this album can be seen as one possibility for future pop music. Why should the artists try to bulk out new conceptions from album to album it can hardly possible realize nowadays anyway? It is much reasonable decision just to modify the albums full of potential, and give them a new life. I would suppose the quality will mostly be guaranteed in such cases.

There is obviously no threat of legal action over this project because 4 of the tracks are also featured on the official Beastie Boys site under NEWS section. So let`s enjoy an alternative version of the album of one of the godfathers of electro/hip-hop/rap-metal.

Download it from here