Monday, March 15, 2010

a27 z archiwum.G (pitu pitu recordz!)

A27`s sophomore album z archiwum.G consists of 6 tracks having the overall longitude up to 10 minutes. The main assumptions of mine? If you've ever had some experiences of experimenting with the sample unit you might probably assume in which way all of this rubbish happened to be recorded. There are stored different rhythms and natural sounds (floating water falling down from the tap, vowel experiments/groans), and some samples dragged out from brass and jazz music at that. Then all of this kaleidoscope is laid on the rhythm function and being mutated through the slice effect mode turning actively the effect control buttons besides it. The result reflects a random array of sounds. The scales being formed of the pairs of the opposites - sparse-dense, anonymous-suggestive, spastic-flowing, relaxing-psychotic, dilettante-skilful. But certainly the most important thing is that the listener will not be bored on this. However, the conceptual premise is a modern case after all, concerning the topics of the `error´ (and the choice of freedom), also representing chaos inside the heads of certain individuals (Golarz Filip and his genious son, Adolf, as it is said on the pitu pitu recordz!`s site). The human being loves to speak to the machine, the robot will mirror it to the others, though, in an inconsistent way. The revel of intellectual machines, which, though, obviously is not intended for dancing.

Download it from here