Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yoko Absorbing Museum Of Modern Chaos (Clinical Archives)

Mikhail Lezin and Evgenij Kharitonov are back in business with their dizzy sound experiments again. This time they are accompanied by two another musicians - Konstantin Guro on saxophones and drums and Alexey Karmanov on rhythm guitar. While their last album Vinyl was shaped through sharp cut-ups and sonic fragmentality ,though, Museum Of Modern Chaos directs its focus toward chaotic moments in lush way. It is constituted conterminously conjuring up vivid visual highlights, and indirectly blurring the boundaries between the styles and genres. Guitar improvisation/experimental rock seems to be as a lone house in the middle of an electronic whiteout, which is exciting enough to give it constant try and attention to follow for. At times the conception is fringed by piano music (Opening Museum), and jazz elements (Free Future) either. Duo`s soundscape has aptitude to expand into mechanic (King Of Surf 1) and electronic horror ambience (Museum Of Modern Chaos (Script Type). Another Hemisphere is metallic ambient music riding on gravelly guitar riffs.

Museum Of Modern Chaos is a fascinating album for sure. Also, if you are intended to make up the contrast with this one you should listen to Yoko Absorbing`s another gem Roughly Gently & Special Lowbit Release (2008, Microbit-Records).

Download it from here