Monday, March 1, 2010

edPorth Saying vamos and thinking let's go (Inglorious Ocean)

All experimental rock music roads lead to Rome, paraphrasing that byword of which adequately describes the recent case. Indeed, Patrizio Piastra aka edPorth has a lot to offer on his debut album Saying vamos and thinking let's go. In which way could the borders of his sound be dumbed down? If you have listened to Seefeel`s dystopic sound cocoons, you have got the ideas to be already along the half-way of truth (or even a little bit more). Even better results it is possible to reach if to arrive back in time to mùm`s first two albums, though, the man from Rome is intended to have, as it seems to me, a little broader aesthetical ambitions on his pavement. For instance, the title song, which is fringed by delicious harmonic layers in the vein of IDM/indietronica/post-rock/ambient glitch. In the place of Meeting at the utility he is ready to continue on the runways of the British legends - a certain kind of somber tonality will acquire abstract shapes over time, in turn, a lot darker shades swivel around them, though, it is mainly relies on inside higher chords while synth paces will unbashedly getting close to the past of new wave/new romantic bands. Indeed, this is carried out by electronic music of 101 percent yet subjected to the methodology of post-rock music. Though, however, there are a couple of exceptions (with guitars). Eighteen degrees below the horizon is built up on guitars, booming bass lines and massive violins, and Kreuzberg and the sun does crossover glitch beats and guitar chord transitions - the latest ones are just fabulous, working out as a kind of mood trigger let out. Similarly, angelic voices has an important role to play, which more clearly will be cropped out at Kadievka. Your sand does usher in as a kind of crossover of nu-jazz and Balkan rhythms, which getting develop and landing in the networks of glitch and vague scratch effects . Despite of variability all around seems to be congealing. Terminating Long Exposure offers wide-sounding orchestrations, being also one of the highlights on Saying vamos and thinking let's go.

Epic, soothing, masterful, dreamy, timeless are being the first adjectives come up to mind. However, besides our main figure, mùm and Seefeel I recommend listen to Echelon Effect, Monokle, orange crush, and Patrizio Piastra`s compatriots port-royal and The Japanese Gum, and also the brothers-sisters of him on the Inglorious Ocean label as well.

Download it from here