Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nameless Dancers Morning Touches (Bump Foot)

Behind Nameless Dancers has himself hidden Evgenij V. Kharitonov, one of the main figures from the depths of Moscow underground culture as because he is known as a writer, a poet, a curator, a cultural journalist, who has put himself into practise through such musical projects like Microbit Project, EugeneKha, Yoko Absorbing, and under his own name, either. If you are searching for someone who would be the embodiment of any kind of musical diversity, no doubt, he is a musician by God`s grace. Avant-garde rock, experimental electronics (glitchtronics, lobit/drone), ambient, noise, downtempo, chillout, sound-art, sound collage, spoken word/voice experiments. In a word, experimentalism in a generic sense.

Nameless Dancers `s first album Rain Coffee (2009, 45RPM-Records) was a delicious blend of the rhythms of (disco) house and drum and bass, the moods and colours of lounge music and easy listening as well. However, Kharitonov would not be Evgenij V. Kharitonov if there had no intention to drift the base core of the center outwards.

However, in comparison with the debut album Morning Touche has a lot of examples of having more strong accents on certain sounds. The Russian musician does not make a secret about the fact his project is presented in a way to move outside the present. The music is inspired by showy and glamorous graphical design of the end of the 80s in the Soviet era. Actually all of his music which is inclined somehow to watch back and get some advantage to foresee for future thereby being able to prevent a present nervousness. In recent album is a glamorous transformation over time realized into sound in solid way. Disco house beats are replaced by cinematic rhythms, generic sentiments have reached more timelessness, too. Sound collage schemes are boldly fixed up. You can hear the Soviet time organ grooves, atmospheric future pop, italo disco, by the big bands played light-blue sounds of the Mediterranean area, and latin rhythms as well. Sometimes his soundscape gets up to such a degree of naivity rolling further on easiness. While giving the listens of it the air was fulfilled with fresh breath of the spring being matched with it in an excellent way. Indeed, the the main issue of the rhythms of the spring is embodied in the array of constant change in unexpected directions.

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