Monday, March 8, 2010

Juanitos Soul Africa (Jamendo)

Ever since the early days of the 1990s under the leadership of Juan Naveira, the man as a perpetuum mobile, Juanitos has experimented with almost all kinds of the Latin American rhythms, exotica pop, lounge, rockabilly, surf pop and psychedelia evoking a stylistic melange and dizziness in the heads of the listeners. Fabolous brass orchestrations, a rampant shooting through different harmonies and diverse chords. However, at this point I even did not take into account the frontman`s side projects (Limbo deluxe; Miss Emma), the focus of the first is being directed upon the creation of a colourful ska/lounge/ pop/punk/disco hybrid, and the second upon lollipop tunes.

The recent title - Soul Africa - refers to the people of African descent who have found their domicile elsewhere outside the Black continent, having invented new musical styles (dub, reggae, samba) therein, and on the other hand it is not impossible to see the tunes of afrofuturistic soul funk, paying tribute to Fela Kuti who is being the main legacy of the reverences in most times anyway, though. For those who are accustomed to Juanitos`s aforementioned mad wassail may be boxed through a delimited concept at the first sight. I would have to listen to it 5 times before it started to reveal in my soul and heart. Indeed, you need a little patience to get access to that solid album.

Download it from here