Sunday, August 22, 2010

W Physalis EP (Elpa)

The choice of anonymity is an ethical statement, actually. Indeed, especially in the recent reality show era, when the purpose of the TV is to offer dull stripped-down plays and the chance to get some cheap fame to the manipulated ones and thereby humiliating a person`s humanness in a broader sense as well.

However, I was looking for the artist background called W, though, getting no word at his/her Myspace or on the Elpa label page. I even thought to get contact with the musician, but I found this idea unneccessary at the last moment, yet. Have there been any other musician, whose identity, being revealed, thus became better? This is the case of pseudo-problem actually. Let´s music to speak.

In fact, a four-track EP, issued under the Latvian label Elpa, says much more than some stilistically similar, though 2-3 times longer releases. This item does dwell on the examples of ambient, downtempo, IDM, broadening sometimes into the shadows of Kosmische Musik and New Age on here. Besides, there is also an example, which is densely dominated by digital sound processing - indeed, the ending track épiphyte seems sound like the perfection on behalf of glitch-y sonic ruins. In any case, the main emphasis is built up on the organic tonality of synthesizers, although those tend to move through various patterns and shades, reminding by its effects of such electronic artists like Lackluster, Myrakaru, Younnat, and Electricwest. More exactly, pulsating electronic keyboards, occasional vocal bits, and even some jitter of pop/rock shot (the title song), and sharp sonic tissue at times do make sense.

An intriguing, emotionally awakening whole, which synth-based music (of obviously influenced by the 70`s) meets intellectual techno ideology of the last two decade.

Download it from here