Monday, August 23, 2010

Kämmerer Rhodes to Wisdom (Jamendo)

Rhodes to Wisdom is the sophomore album of Kämmerer, a musician from Gothenburg, Sweden. In fact, he is earlier used to get involved in other acts as well (Cliffhanger; GroovydracuLinda; Alphadog). Sir Agent Chill was his debut release, which was issued approximately 3 months ago under Jamendo, was played on exhilarating atmospheric and caustic synth lines, having an assuasive effect, being describable as "chillout" or "lounge".

The recent album within 40 minutes and 10 tracks have entrenched deeper into the Black music tradition showing up the undercurrents of funk, rhythm and blues, and soul vibe as much as it is possible to talk of introducing of new directions. By a technical side, shimmering acid synth sequences are sit in for the velvet-alike sounds of the Rhodes (electric piano). However, Rhodes to Wisdom is a modern record, chatting up with club dance rhythms, eventually reminiscent of nu jazz/acid jazz, and downtempo tunes.

Download it from here