Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fourteen Twentysix Lighttown Closure (Mine, All Mine!/Wise Owl/Bandcamp)

Expanded from the Songs From To Forget EP, being released 2 years ago, Chris van der Linden`s conception has acquired more grandeur deliveries. Indeed, Fourteen Twentysix is a bombastic giant which size is really intanglible and unfound over the first listenings, which, in fact, might be a sign of good music. The diversity of guitar patterns wrapped up by dark-sided electronic timbres and rhythms, and cello orchestrations at times, will be culminating in the last track Lashes, having progressed into the epic chaos of the rolling and swirling stringent instruments. Some natural sounds here and there around and in early days recorded live drums somewhere in the shed by the countryside do add organic and vitalic feeling to the release. By Linden`s velvety timbre with it comes quite close to the music of such crafty pop luminaries like David Sylvian and Mark Hollis, which comparison, though, is the plaudit by all odds. Lighttown Closure is a fine example of the bombastic yet deep issue, without being leaned on by empty gestures.

Download it from here