Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Okinawa Lifestyle - Lazy Friend You Move So Fast EP (haaa00a00a0a/Bandcamp)

Having reviewed their previous release Naha I expressed strong hope of mine that the melomans all around the world would get a lot of issues from this crafty Tbilisian duo in the future again and again. Their sonic alchemistry is a good example of balancing between magical harmonies and edge-y strobo rhythms around.

However, a new EP does continue walking on in the steps of the previous album. All of those funky electro strokes and through the filters of club music roving electronic pop tunes are previously blended intensively with exhilarating chillwave/glo-fi aesthetics, for instance, being as close to The Neon Indians for instance, as they have never done it before. This music can seriously be described as contemporary indie dance, or even post-house sometimes.

Download it from here