Saturday, February 20, 2010

Guezos Oito Destinos (Aregueifa)

From the Galician region, Spain, coming a 7-member ensemble demonstrates its flavour in compliance with the label Aregueifa which in turn reflects the tendencies of their native county. If you have already made acquaintance with Xurxo Romani, Xera PROJECTO [TREPIA], or Fanny & Alexander you can`t be wrong in your speculations about possible directions in songcrafting of Guezos. You do not actually need to do it - Guezos have been active more than 10 years and issued some albums as well. Their ethnic pop - as well as another native-minded bands from the Galician/Asturian region can`t be without demonstrating their Celtic roots - is mixed with psychedelic organ sequences and hard guitar riffs. However, the album contains of very unexpected yet pleasure elements at the first sight. The opening track Guezada 69 does crossover ethnic rock with acid dance rock tunes. It sounds as if the fairies have arrived to a madchester-music party and since the subsequent fete will little by little be taken over by those supernatural creatures. Acción-Reacción drives through impressive loud-sounding psychedelic shoutings in the choruses. Vals do Regueiro is a blend of downbeat, hard rock tunes and the sounds of local bagpipe gaita. Actually all of this stuff on the album are pushed elegantly up to the top and sustained therein by catchy organ grooves and gaita strokes. Todo Perfecto is the only one which does not symphatize for me. Even though it starts with a delicious Yann Tiersen-alike accordion motive the track will be evolving into quite lame latin estrada pop. The harmonies-melodies arisen from there even reminds of the criminal/platnoi songs from the former U.S.S.R. My favorite track is obscure Benvida a Terradentro - through its very brief longitude and introspective nature, yet, it is rather meant as an interlude or introduction to the ending track Terradentro (2009).

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