Sunday, February 7, 2010

Prinss Mind, Body & Soul: 200% (Jamendo)

Mind, Body & Soul: 200% is the debut album of a quintet coming from Monterrey, Mexico. The album is compiled of 10 tracks, which are filled with recent urban sounds. The broad accents are put on digi funk, electro and r`n`b arrangements. In a lesser measure there are also presented soul and hip-hop sentiments. However, solid song settings, varying melodies, lush electronic orchestrations, modern tuned synth sequences, the effects pushed through sonic filter devices. The tightrope of vocal activity is actually the matter of women who are singing in Spanish and in English (it can happen in the same song as well). I checked out their musical influences - Michael Jackson, Keri Hilson, Alicia Keys, Chris Brown. Actually the only element which disturbs me a bit on the issue derives from the latter three named musicians - I was a bit bored of vocal settings permanently running on autotune effect mode. Though, I ought to admit, into the middle section all those robot-alike vocals are being quite ok but thereafter I was getting a bit tired. Yes, a bit indeed. Despite of that little peccadillo Mind, Body & Soul: 200% goes on and will reach the glorious ending. My favorite tracks are NO Es FaCiL ft AD - crackling sounds and subtle moods reminiscent a bit of Kraftwerk`s classic harmonic signatures, and Necesito de ti does touch me with its roomy and emotionally affecting soul music sentiments. Good album, what else could I report.

Download it from here