Saturday, February 27, 2010

Stereo Moon Like The Morning Sun Does (Kill Mommy)

Behind Stereo Moon is Emm Smith, a self-taught musician from Ontario, Canada. A singer-songwriter from God`s grace. The album Like The Morning Sun Does was already recorded at the end of the 90`s, except the opening track I Would For You Dream. The first time Like The Morning Sun Does was published 5 years ago, while at the moment it is issued under the Sicily-based label Kill Mommy which main focus has set up on a mix of blues, lo-fi garage, rockabilly, and alt-folk.

All of those 24 tracks aligned here are recorded with help of loaned 4 and 8-tape trackers. As so usual to the singer-songwriters the lines of acoustic guitar and vocals are the main instruments upon which the excitement is established in suggestive and diverse song manner. Although guitar sound is paramount, it does not sound in the anemic way just not being a decorating and forgery one - a drowning into tape hisses does add some kind of confidence and charm; moreso, there are also presented some electronic-experimental angles and weird out-of-context samples. A rough yet warm soundscape. As you even know the North Americans have been insurmountable in their credibility within this area. Smith does use natural room reverbs, though, there are 2 tracks (Everybody Love Someone; Read Between The Lines) for which Emm Smith locked himself into the bathroom to put guitar strings against the edge of a sink, and letting float out the sounds of pure gold. By the way, he even regretted more songs would have recorded in there.

By checking out Emm Smith `s blog you can see the successive keywords of his concept in the title: love, be loved and trip out. Anyway, the lyrical side will fix upon it. This lyrics seem to be about longing, escapism, love and lovelorn varying with weed topics. Moreover, this subject was going for something that would heighten his blissful experience. Because of this he tried to fill up those tracks with as many ideas he could. The lyrics are undoubtedly on the ball - beautiful, inside-watching, sometimes mysterious and downtrodden (Grow Up is going up to illustrate the collision between the memories of past and recent situation).

However, my purpose is instead of any kind of intoxicants to promote music, especially good one, only. Like The Morning Sun Does is undoubtedly a DIY/home recording masterpiece. There are a lot of excellent examples - some of them will especially scratch your soul and bear upon your consciousness, replacing some truths and clichès, on the other hand, I am not intended to shout them out - everyone ought to find out for him/herself the gems of the talented hippie musician. In fact, it is true, Emm Smith has more stunning moments to yield in comparison with (early) Devendra Banhart, for instance.

Download it from here