Thursday, February 18, 2010

Memoryhouse The Years EP (Arcade Sound)

Well, it is time to continue with zeitgeist music. With sounds which are really hot and are being distributed and promoted first of all on the blogosphere all around the world at the moment. It seems to me that mainstream media unfortunately are unwilling to act along with, touching them only with fingertip (Neon Indians). It is much important for them to review some Neil Young`s and REM`s live sessions or `hidden` tracks being played thereabout 25-30 years ago than give more credit to unknown musical groups. The melomans of the recent generation don`t really care about it. It would be even sufficient if they had enough time to listen to classical pop albums (Neil Young`s and R.E.M`s ones as well).

Chillwave, hypnagogic pop, glo-fi, futurecore pop. Indeed, good music does have many names. And there have been around many bands as well - The Bilinda Butchers, Wonder Wheel, Sore Eros, MILLIONYOUNG, Dizzy Jaguars!, Death And Vanilla etc. Memoryhouse is coming from Ontario, Canada, and consist of Evan Abeele and Denise Nouvion who took the name after the famous work (2001) of German modern classic/electronic musician Max Richter. Their doings with music do have a very pragmatic explanation - to escape the paralysis of winter. Some living practices may sometimes acquire peculiar and beautiful raciness as it demonstrates 4-track The Years EP. The associations emerging from the first of a pair listens are very similar in their pleasure to those which cropped out while listening in the first time Cocteau Twins and Slowdive. Indeed, these names are not coincidental. Memoryhouse does charm through the ethereal sentiment of the Scottish trio and switches on the links related to Halstead & Co`s guitar ambient bewitchery. It can even account for why such music gives rise to nostalgia. On the other side - you should not think about it as the like of retro - basically this music is targeted toward the future. Their main basis contains of the element with whom you are already being familiar but the soundscape is rebuilt in a new way. Not very differently, though. How could it even be possible, isn`t? There is no chance to transcend the past, for the synthesis anyway. In fact, this movement started with similar aesthetics played up by Atlas Sound and Azeda Booth a couple of years ago and added by its own side marginal elements on DIY at that.

However, the guitars are commissioned by synthesizers (and not vice versa). The Years EP sounds as if Asobi Seksu or the Moscow Olympics would lack string instruments pushing synthetic elements to forefront. However, a cheap synth only sometimes illustrates the pace of a rhythm being mostly carried out by intense harmonies and melodies, which in turn are confined by angelic vocal sequences. I saw somewhere an message their next EP will come out soon in the spring. In the light of the recent EP a new one it is really welcomed. Is it yet possible to rise upward and upward?

Download it from here