Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jacques de Villiers sleepsongs (Jacques de Villiers)

Although in Cape Town (The South African Republic) residing Jacques de Villiers is yet a musician of unknown size amongst the (ambient) musicians the specifity of his roomy soundscape is comparable to a view as if it would take a look to the ocean at the Cape of Good Hope.

His debut album sleepsongs consists of 5 tracks which deliver the listeners experimental ambient music in its best own - ordinary ambient structures are mixed with drone, shoegaze and noise, though, these side effects are rather (vaguely) perceiveable. For instance, the beginning of Moon Ballad/Improvisation for Trevor/Shine a Light on Every Room (part 2) is a bit painful to listen to it through the headphones. After it is followed by melodic sequences and lone piano clinks to be ready for the epic parametres to be set up in its beauty. The ending The Dying Song/Mon Ami does trash around in its inner agones - a loose, even down-and-dirty bass tumult meets the vague sounds resounding far from unknown distances creating an impressive output which is far away from the dullness of usual ambient. Subsequently, sleepsongs is without mediocre symptoms - without any anemic paleness. Indeed, it is truly epic music being comparable to the picture as if seeing a ship sinking silently in a far distance. These tracks are like beautiful dreams, which actually do not have happy endings.

Download it from here