Monday, February 15, 2010

Josef Nadek to infect and persist (TVK)

Behind the pseudonym as Josef Nadek hides himself/herself an eccentric musician from Innsbruck, Tirol, Austria. As it is quite usual to almost all of those orthodox artists involving in the genre of avant-garde/industrial/illbient/dark ambient/noise, their specific task is to strip down the human spirit in its rotten nature and being full of hatred of humanity. More specifically - Josef Nadek is designed as a mould-infested spiritual cesspit, dedicated to compulsively explore and document various degrees of human degeneration, eradicate necrotic tissue and reflect each putrid core. Note that Josef Nadek is an utterly artificial character. Nevertheless no vile piece of filth about those in charge behind the scenes is of any significance. Josef Nadek spins his own yarn.

It is also noticeable greyish and black & white background imageries have been dominated in his visual side being actually so habitual to the old school industrial music. There is one peculiarity which was amazing in the most - by investigating the download ratings of his/her three albums under the labels such the likes of VJG, Bleak, and The Vegetable Kingdom (TVK), I noticed his/her marks have reached the results getting closer to 40.000 (in the curse of less than a year) , surpassing the next ones about 100 times! These parametres would we a kind of proudness for any of such a kind non music artist. No doubt, there is a huge fan base behind Josef Nadek`s back.

To infect and persist Vol.1 is compiled of various singles and tracks derived from different compilations, published over the previous year. This is Josef Nadek `s second album in this year - even in recent days, if to be precise. I have to assume Girone Della Merda issued under Format Noise was too pale, to get a full-fledged impression from it. On the other hand, under TVK anything is all but mediocrity. In the first place, the cover illustrated here is all but a joke - a woman imagined on it represents the decay of a human being - in its illness, slackness, and vulnerableness as well. It is actually the sequent level on its continuing degringolade pathway. By practising destroying yourselves and first at all another people the age of those TV-disciples and hedonistic jerks is destined to fail in itself.

The album begins in a very strange and unexpected key – the 60`s space age pop is mixed with country music being strictly in the vein of avant-garde music, more exactly reminiscent of some activities of legendary Bruce Haack (aka Jackpine Savage). It is followed by Coercion which gives the listener a hit by the side of noise drone. The Sayers of the law is based on a minimal string arrangement which will be digitalized thereafter. If you think, the rest of 6 tracks will continue combining with the elements of the previous tracks, you are failed to encompass it. In addition to the opening track my favorite ones are Hymn – a kind of vowel waving within weird haziness, which is fringed with abrasive digitality, and Monolyth & Cobalt, which exceeds low-end electro sentiments with cosmic music layers. Repentance of Midnight does succeed ambient structures into bombinating desolation.

`To infect and persist`, says Josef Nadek. Lets go on, hoi polloi!

Download it from here